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    The plugin Musicbox for the company invisioncommunity and the script IPS Community Suite is. With the use of Musicbox IPS Community Suite you can also submit your music portal alongside your forum and site. MusicBox is an application for IPS 4.x that allows users to upload their music online and share them to social networks. Features Musicbox IPS Community Suite: Upload your music. Create playlists. Genres (categories) for songs, playlists. Custom Fields: create any number of custom fields that can be required (or optional) when users upload songs. Integrated with Nexus so users can sell/buy songs. Profile page for artist with rating system. Favorite system: users can create custom playlists. Play music when embedding the link in other apps (Forums, Pages, Blogs,...). RSS feed, import songs from rss feed. Comment system. Rating system. Sharing system. Friendly URL.